Clean Energy Consulting & Education (CEC&E) can provide the following services using their broad range of expertise and their substantial network of professional engineers and scientists.

The following descriptions are specific to solar energy but serve as examples of our services portfolio.

Independent/Owner’s Engineer Services:

​•  Conduct due diligence reviews on projects

•  Develop RFPs for EPC selection and evaluate responses

•  Conduct project feasibility studies and pre-project planning

•  Provide project design reviews

•  Provide engineering assistance throughout the project

Due Diligence Services:

          Site Assessment
          Evaluate existing site characteristics for suitability for the project
          Geotechnical aspects including drainage features, vegetation and site topography
          Potential shading sources
          Proposed points of access
          Proximity to transmission lines
          Existing and abandoned utilities and infrastructure
          Proximity to other utilities that will serve as infrastructure
          Impact of environmental aspects

          Technology Assessment
          Review proposed solar power generating system

          Review current state of technology development and track record

          Evaluate proposed equipment manufacturers

          Evaluate the major equipment items proposed

          Review expected energy generation

          Review completed system performance

Community Relations and Education:
Develop community relations/public involvement plans
Prepare and deliver presentations to the general public and other interested parties such as state/county/local authorities and regulators
Develop and facilitate K-12 educational programs and activities for local schools and other educational establishments
•  Classroom displays
•  Classroom activities
•  Teacher workshops
Develop and facilitate educational displays for client's employees and customers